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Using the Sun as Your Light Source

As a photographer, we are lucky to have one of the biggest light sources known to man, the sun. Shooting with the sun can be your best friend or your worse enemy.   It does not have to be that difficult … Continue reading

Atlanta Skyview and Olympic Park

Went down to the Atlanta Skyview to do a little shooting with a friend of mine.  Overall I think the idea is great.  I think the location could have been better to get better Atlanta skyline views. I want to … Continue reading

McDonough Square

Decided to go out this past weekend and shoot a little around the McDonough Square.  There is alot of scenery in a relatively compact area so you can capture alot without too much walking around.

Miller’s Mill

Every morning on my way to the office, I past this small waterfall and  old mill behind a little country store.  I always said that once I got my DSLR I was going to make that place my first practice … Continue reading