Getting Everyone Involved

Portrait shoots are always fun.  It’s especially gets fun when you get everyone relaxed and involved.  Some of the best shots happen when family’s are interacting with one another, not concerning themselves with the guy holding the camera. These are the shots I love because it really tells the story.

On this particular shoot, Our primary goal was to take a couple of shots for her new business card and a few shots after a wardrobe change for fun.

After the wardrobe change, she had this room that had beautiful late afternoon light coming from the window. I had her pose by the it while I snapped a few shots. By now she is beyond relaxed and we are having a ball laughing and talking.

We then went outside and she had this nice, weathered swing in the back. I had her get on the swing and just relax. I snapped quite a few photos here and we were having a great time.

The magic happened when her dogs ran outside. One of her dogs came up to her and she immediately started to love on him. It was an amazing candid and loving moment so I had to grab a few shots.

For me this is what it is all about. Capturing memories like these to look back on is the reason why I do this. Check out more of our work and contact us to book your portrait session.