About Me

meD80Nowadays, seems that anyone with a half way decent camera (or smartphone) and a Flickr or Instagram account are self proclaimed photographers.  In alot of cases, these people are sharing some amazing pictures.  Would a bonafide professional photographer eat them alive with the details?  Sure they would, but that does not stop them from sharing.  Living in a digital age, you can now shoot a photo with almost anything, see your results right then, load them onto a computer, edit them, print them or share them for anyone in the world to see.

So what about me?  I was by no means a photographer.  I did not pretend to be one.  I didn’t even play one on TV!  I was an IT pro by trade and tech geek by hobby.  I have a family and I wanted to capture these moments while they were still young.  There is nothing like reminiscing over some old pictures.  The problem was, I had a horrible point and shoot camera.  If it stayed on, 1 out of 5 pictures would be usable.  At my kids’ school events, parents would come with their nice cameras and I would be banging on mine, hoping to get at least one decent shot.  The final straw came on Christmas a few years ago.  While my kids were opening gifts, I was able to capture 3 blurry photos before it shut off and would not stay on.   A photographer friend of mine upgraded to a newer pro camera a few years prior and was always trying to get me to buy his old one.  At this point, I was done with my point and shoot and decided to pull the trigger on his old camera.  From that point, I was hooked on the art of photography!  Fast forward to now, with my understanding of how important it is to capture those precious memories, I make it my goal to help people with theirs.  I do not want anyone to miss out on that moment that they never can get back.