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I would like to order hero cards. How do I do so?

To get started ordering your hero cards, follow the below instructions: Go to hero cards section in our store and select a design. Select the design you would like and select “Add to cart” to select the size and quantity. Go to … Continue reading

Which resolution should I download?

In today’s digital age, there are many things that can be done with your digital image.  We offer several different resolutions so you can download  the image that best suits your needs. Low Resolution Image:  These images are best used … Continue reading

Can’t I just print my own photos? Why should I purchase prints?

When you purchase prints from us, you are getting nothing but the highest quality.  Every image is optimized to get the best results.  Once optimized, it is professionally printed using industry leading printers and ink.  This results in stunning results … Continue reading

Why are digital downloads more expensive than prints?

When you purchase a digital download, you are also purchasing the rights to do whatever you wish under the personal use license.  At that point, you own the image and can print or post as many times as you wish. … Continue reading

I did not receive my e-mail confirmation

Check your spam folders.  If you do not have the confirmation in your spam folders, contact us using the contact us page and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

What services do you offer and how much are they?

Have a look at our services page.  We offer a number of services to serve your photography needs.  If you have a question about something not covered in our services page, contact us using the contact us page and lets talk about it!

I’m a returning customer, my shopping cart shows incorrect items and/or incorrect items are sent to PayPal.

Sometimes, browsers cache website data in order to speed up performance.  If you run into this issue.  It is best to clear your browser data, close your browser and access the site again.